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Odor Neutralizing Sprays

Odors may be due to a skunk’s spray, dead animals, mildew, smoking, feces and so much more.  Our odor removal devices will destroy the odor and get rid of bad smells, not just mask the scent.

bac a zap

Capitol Exterminating uses BAC-AZAP to eliminate odors. Not only will BAC-AZAP get rid of unpleasant odors in the home, but it also eliminates the stench of cigarette smoke in apartments, automobiles, and nightclubs, improves the flow of slow drains, removes drain flies, and enhances composting. BAC-AZAP is even strong enough to combat foul odors caused by vomit, urine, feces, grease, proteins, decomposing animal and plant matter, and other organic matter. Simply spray BAC-AZAP on the affected area, and BAC-AZAP continues to work for you until the job is done. BAC-AZAP can be used on ceilings, walls, floors, fabric, carpet, furniture and in drains… virtually everywhere.

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