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Capitol Exterminating Mosquito Removal

Mosquitoes: The World’s Deadliest Killers!!

Mosquitoes are responsible for killing 2 million people annually.
They spread diseases like Zika, West Nile, Yellow fever, Dengue fever, Chikungunya and encephalitis.
Mosquitoes are most active in our area May thru October. Once the temperature reaches 50 degrees at night mosquitoes become active and hunt for a blood meal. Their bites can ruin any outdoor activity and make your yard unusable.


Capitol Exterminating System has developed our “Barrier Treatment” program to help protect you and your family. This valuable program will greatly reduce the Adult population of mosquitoes in the treated area.

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Tips you can do to reduce mosquitoes in your yard.

  1. Clean gutter so water can flow thru.
  2. Empty bird feeder that fill with rain water.
  3. Empty water out of empty flower pots.
  4. Empty water out of kiddie pools.
  5. Holes and ditches should be filled in with soil.

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